Sid Randell, Brecks FM Radio Norfolk

"Zenne you sing in a very unique style so you are the one who has carved a niche in the Country music business that is totally different from the rest and brought a breath of fresh air to the country scene :) keep it up and keep those songs spinning around in your head coming."

Copper Kettle Festival

A large crowd in for Zenne's performance the at the Copper Kettle who were treated to a powerful set and mix of Country Music, Zenne is always a hit with the audience and she really set the bench mark for quality in the afternoon slot. Well done Zenne for slotting some fine acoustic songs amongs a lively selection of songs.

Brian Thornton ...

We are blessed with a crop of great female artists on our scene at the present but  Zenne is way out on top with her great Raunchy style of Country Music. Her ability to belt out the up tempo songs and then be able to drop back and perform lovely soft ballads with real feeling is truly exceptional.
She really enjoys her time on stage and loves entertaining her audience. She has a real sharp wit and quickly reads her audience and adds clever banter which adds to the entertainment.
Zenne is a very good guitar player and can turn off the backing tracks and play several acoustic numbers which is another string to her bow.
This Lady has everything and I would love to see her fronting a band so I can only say again to all club and festival organisers, get this super artist on your shows, she really has that indefinable something that makes her stand out from crowd and deserves to be at the top of the tree. This was the best night we have had for some time.

Cross Country..

Zenne who i first saw about two years ago a promotion night at Washington Tyne & Wear. On that occasion Zenne only sang four songs and I said then this gal is special and I have tried to get her on clubs in our area since but nobody would listen. Now she is really making an impact and getting in on the club and festival scene. Zenne came on stage and immediatley blew the audience away with a night of Country with attitude. She did a brilliant show without any of the done to death line dance stuff that is being trotted out week after week and yet filled the dance floor all night which proves my point that dancers work to the tempo not the words of the song so there is no need for the constant repetition we get. She Tackles songs by both male and female artists with equal ability and really is something the scene has needed for a long time and at the end of the night everyone i asked made comments like 'where has she been till now' and 'why has she not been booked before' Many in the club had come on my recommendation and Zenne did not let me down, she was terrific, I have always believed that Travis Logan is the nearest we will ever have to the American Country Stars, well now we have a female star to rival the Americans. All I can say to all club and Festival organisers is 'Book This fantastic artist, she is by far the best on the circuit'
Brian Thornton June 2014

Brinsworth, Rotherham 2014

This Girl is an exceptional performer. quality from start to finish. Dancers were kept busy, listeners were given a treat rarely seen on the country scene by a solo performer.